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  1. Ellen Goldenson
    Ellen Goldenson at | | Reply

    Wish they could pop up in Boston! Sounds great. Nicely written, Bob.

  2. Dileep Gangolli
    Dileep Gangolli at | | Reply

    Nice writing Bob. Makes me want to go there right away!

  3. Matt
    Matt at | | Reply

    Just went there last night for the first time. Never had HBFC before, even though they’ve been around at Green City. Chicken was fantastic and I’m not a huge fried chicken fan. I also don’t mind paying more for sustainable food. But, my only gripe is for a 2-piece for $8, you get just a tiny corn muffin and the honey butter. $3.50 for each side, when they are very small sides is just a bit much. I think the meals should come with a side, maybe charging a bit more. The other thing was the sandwich we got comes with nothing at all, and for the price I don’t think it’s fair. Great, great sandwich, but for some reason we got the smallest piece of chicken on the sandwich compared to everyone else we saw eating that night. It happens, I get it. We’ll see how the menu evolves a bit with the meals and sides.

    Cocktails and beer are great and well priced. The Hill Top is spot on drink to have with fried chicken. Bourbon and lemonade – never thought to mix the two. The space is great and so is the patio. Love the location as well as it’s a quiet area close to other great spots in Avondale. Staff is great and very friendly. Looking forward to going back in a couple months.

  4. Randy
    Randy at | | Reply

    I’m sure Miller Poultry is nice and all but I doubt it tastes as good as a chicken from Joel Salatin’s farm…;-)

    But seriously, I tried it last Sunday and it was delicious. Knowing that the birds don’t come from a CAFO makes it taste even better to me.

  5. Randy
    Randy at | | Reply

    Very true, Bob 😉 But his chickens get to be outside and eat cow pies and the Indiana chickens don’t…;-)

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