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  1. Julia Shanks
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    It’s easy to have that knee-jerk reaction of thinking “Why bother with McDonalds? Support a local butcher or livestock farmer directly.” On the one hand, I do believe that those who are able to relocalize their meat consumption and support nearby producers and processors should; on the other hand, this is critical for those who don’t have that privilege. Again, it’s hard to believe that supporting the production of meat at the scale McD’s and other industry behemoths demand is in any way sustainable — but surely any steps they take from the status quo are an improvement. Thanks for the article!

  2. Cathy Klug
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    Great, Informative article! It was well researched with a wealth of source support documentation if people are interested in further follow up. Personally, Jim makes very valid points and gets the thinking going as to why not integrate more healthful and local sourced, even regional specialties? Maybe McD has some franchise clauses or liability insurance issues but surely as he noted Whole Foods is certainly founded on and still embracing local and healthy, and the market is a resounding yes to this model , so McD and other chains would be wise to take note and get on board I’d say asap.

    1. bob.benenson@gmail.com
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      Thank you for your comment, Cathy!

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