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  1. Marta Rosina Lagunas
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    It makes me so happy to see my most favorite chef, Rick Bayless, honored for his extraordinary talent. My husband and I have been following his career for about 40 years, trying many of his incredible recipes. He is well known for his promotion of farm-fresh produce,
    encouraging more chefs as well as the public to use these products in their cuisine. I have found his kindness and generosity to his staff and others an admirable virtue. He always seems so at peace with himself!

  2. Anita Medellin Hohnecker
    Anita Medellin Hohnecker at | | Reply

    Congratulations to a well deserving recipient of this award. Excellence, humanitarian achievements abounding and a real humility about his celebrity status. Rick Bayless you are a national treasure. How fitting to now be part of the Smithsonian. And just dessert that you are showcased next to the one who took that spark and got a fire burning–Julia Child. I look forward to every new recipe adventure.

  3. Dick Faltz
    Dick Faltz at | | Reply

    Jim and Team:
    Thank you for bringing Rick’s Recognition, honor, and personal history back home to our Chicago marketplace.
    There are so many benefits accruing to our industry and our region through Rick’s generosity and the leadership and vision provided by you and your team at Family Farmed.
    Dick Faltz
    Faltz Farm
    Fox Valley Winery, Inc.

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