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  1. maggie
    maggie at | | Reply

    this is a very sad day,,,, we need to rebel against these governments that are killing us with these poisons and taking our rights away,,,very discouraged 🙁

  2. rawmilkmike
    rawmilkmike at | | Reply

    GMO corn has already destroyed all the wonderful American corn verities.

  3. Frances
    Frances at | | Reply

    I am beyond disappointed and pissed off about this. GMO corn is NOT easier to grow, is NOT more productive….just ask the farmers in the U.S……and it’s susceptible to root caterpillar, necessitating MORE poison. Just ask the farmers in India who were fooled by Monsanto’s claims. Hundreds of suicides later, farmers are having to re-think their practices.

  4. Saturday five, 9/5/15.
    Saturday five, 9/5/15. at |

    […] Rick Bayless – yep, that’s Skip’s brother – writes about his dismay over the unbanning of GMO corn in Mexico, using culinary and cultural arguments rather than (un)scientific […]

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